Fit is the single most important part of looking good in your suit.

Without fit, even the richest man in the finest vicuña-cashmere blend suit comes across more as a rube than a rake. And short of having a suit-custom made specifically for your measurements, you will always have fit issues with any off the rack suit purchase. Making that off the rack suit fit you perfectly requires a few alterations.

We custom tailor suits, tuxedos, sport jackets, pants, topcoats and shirts.

Sylvia’s personalized tailoring will ensure the perfect fit for everything from shirts, pants, jeans, suits, sport coats, buttons, zippers, tuxedos, and more.

We are a full service custom tailor and provide a complete wardrobe planning service according to your business, career and social needs. We custom tailor suits, tuxedos, sport jackets, pants, topcoats and shirts. With everything we make, we strive for greater fit, increased comfort and assured durability.


Whether you are looking to buy or rent a tuxedo for a special event, We offer hundreds of top name designers and styles to suit your needs.

Expertly selected and professionally fitted, our master tailor Sylvia will ensure that you look your best for that special day. Sylvia also offers a large variety of coordinating accessories to complete your look.


From a better silhouette to a lighter feel and improved components, we’ve taken our suits to a whole new level.


Do any of your coats, pants, shirts or jackets need badges sewn on?

  • Have a badge sewn on your shirts, jackets or pants.
  • Machine stitched with thread to match existing stitiching.
  • All work done by our expert staff.


Do any of your pants need a hem?

  • Give your pants the perfect length.
  • Protect your garment’s material from fraying and becoming damaged.
  • Machine stitched with thread to match existing stitiching
  • All work carried out by our experienced and highly trained staff.
  • We keep the original style, we do original hem.